This box is comprised mainly of Hidden Hills Cheeses with occasional pairings of other local Pennsylvania dairies.  

Family owned and operated, Hidden Hills Dairy is an artisan cheese crafting facility.  Creating cheese from milk produced from their longstanding herd of Jersey cows.  Located in the rolling, rural hills of central Pennsylvania just miles from Black Valley Provender's doorstep! 

This evershifting assortment is perfectly paired with seasonal charcuterie boards. Ideal for family gatherings, picnics, and wine pairings...

Cheese Box

  • This Cheese Box Contains: 


    - 1/2lb Hidden Hills Allegheny (Italian style whole milk cheese) 

    - 1/2lb Hidden Hills Buttercup (creamy, smooth, buttery) 

    - 1/2lb Hidden Hills Ivory Lace (mellow havarti style)

    - 1/2lb Boltonfeta (award winning greek style feta)


    Your order, once placed, will be ready for curbside pick up  or delivery at your earliest convience.  Please call or text The Provender at: 

    814-624-9035 to schedule

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