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Black Valley Provender FAQ

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Welcome to our first blog entry! This is just a little introduction of what our Black Valley Provender online shop offers now, and whats in store for the future!

What are Provender Boxes?

Provender boxes are our way of getting you local products from not only us, but other farmers as well. Until we can open our doors, this is our way of getting amazing products to you weekly!

Do I have to get a box to purchase your products?

No, you don't - we are currently working on adding Black Valley Farm meat and produce in addition to shelf-stable products from our other Provender participants.

Do I have to pick up/ Can you deliver to me?

We understand that schedules get hectic. For a nominal fee, we deliver. We offer free delivery for orders over $150.

Can my products be featured in your Provender Boxes?

Let us know what your farm or handmade goods are! Message us via Chat.

Where will you be located?

We will be right on Main St. in Everett PA and yes - we have parking spots!

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